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Since Comat AG initially came into being in a small garage up until the present day there has been an almost endless number of significant dates. That is why we are here merely listing for you the milestones in the firm’s history:

1962 Inception of Releco SA in Madrid, Spain by Santiago Lozano Rico.
1970 Inception of Comat AG in Worb, Switzerland by Kurt Wanzeck.
1972 Releco expands into international markets and starts to build up a distributor network.
1975 Co-operation between Releco and Comat. Comat begins to sell branded ”Comat industrial relays” in Switzerland.
1984 Introduction of the “Time Cube ®” developed by Comat, which in the following years turns out to be a best-seller on the world market.
1989 Apart from time-delay relays Comat starts development and production of high-quality monitoring equipment.
1996/7 Releco SA as well as Comat AG both independently get certified in accordance with ISO norm 9001.
2003 After more than three decades of successful business activities Kurt Wanzeck hands over the company on to the existing management team.
2003 Market launch of the miniature control unit "Comat BoxX"
2005 Comat opens their own production and branch office in China.
2006 Market launch of the Comat SMS Relay.
2006 Santiago Lozano steps back and Comat AG Worb takes over Releco SA in Madrid. www.releco.com
2007 Introduction of the new multifunction timer series CIM.
2011 Inception of Group owned country sales and support organizations: Comat Releco GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. www.comatreleco.de
Comat Releco do Brasil. www.comatreleco.com.br
2011 Introduction of the new Motor Controller series CMC.
2012 Introduction of the new monitoring relay series MR.
2013 Launch of a new series in Power Electronics with softstarters and electronic contactors.